How To Get A Lawyer When Funds Are Tight

When you’re dealing with a legal matter of any kind, it’s always best to walk into the situation with an attorney. You might be facing a personal injury lawsuit, medical malpractice situation, a worker’s compensation issue, or even a discrimination claim. Whatever the case, just knowing that you have a skilled attorney on your side who can speak on your behalf gives you the confidence you need to go on with the proceedings.

Disability Discrimination: Key Legal Points

If you are a disabled person who is employed by a company with more than just a handful of workers, you have important protections from discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The following article takes a look at some key legal points to keep in mind if you feel you are being discriminated against by your employer because of your disability. Covered The ADA does not specifically state which mental or physical disabilities are protected under the law.

What Does It Mean If Your Bankruptcy Case Is Dismissed With Prejudice?

When you file for bankruptcy, it is vital that you file correctly, accurately, and honestly, as there are consequences if you fail to do this. One such consequence is the potential for the bankruptcy court to dismiss your case. If the court dismisses it and labels it “dismissed with prejudice,” it is not a good thing, and here are several things to understand about cases that are dismissed with prejudice.

How To Choose A Divorce Mediator

If you and your spouse have agreed that divorce mediation is a great idea, you should know that not all mediators are equal. To make the practice more productive and successful, the person you choose matters. Read on for some tips on choosing your divorce mediator. What Are the Qualifications? Unfortunately, there is no main governing body that certifies divorce mediators. You will find mediators that used to be divorce lawyers are trained in the mental health field, and you’ll find those who’ve taken an online course and been certified under a number of agencies.

3 Serious Consequences Of Construction Lawsuits

Running a successful construction company can be very rewarding and lucrative. However, construction projects can take a lot of time and involve a number of contractors and vendors, so they can be quite complicated. Unfortunately, a lot of construction companies will run into at least one lawsuit while they are in business. Some of the most common construction lawsuits involve breach of contract or construction defects.If you own a construction company, it is in your best interest to have an experienced construction litigation attorney on retainer, even if you are not involved in any active lawsuits.

Getting A Living Will: Why Is It Something You Need To Have?

Do you have a living will? If you have not created one, it is the time to think about making important decisions and having them added to your living will. Life is something that you may appreciate very much, but it is not guaranteed. If something bad happened and you were at the end of your life in the hospital, your family might not know what to do. They would have some major decisions to make, many of which would likely be hard on them.

Suing For Negligence? Find An Attorney Who Can Help You Prove Your Point And Get The Compensation You Are Owed

Did you know mistakes in a medical environment happen more often than a lot of patients realize? If you feel negligence played a role in the horrific treatment you received while undergoing care at a medical facility, you have every right to decide to consult with a negligence attorney who may agree to work on your case while helping seek compensation from the medical facility, even if it means going through a long process in court.