How An Easement Can Help You Keep An Eye On The View That Comes With Your New Home

There’s a lot of different factors that go into purchasing a home, including the view that you have of the neighborhood and access points to favorite spots. This might be especially true if you live close to the ocean, a river, or some other natural wonder. However, unless you’re purchasing all of the property that lies in your view, you could end up frustrated and angry a year or so down the line when your neighbor puts up a fence or plants a hedgerow.

Giving Work A Try: What To Know About The Trial Work Period

If you have been approved for Social Security disability benefits, you are likely well-aware that you cannot return back to work at your same job and that you can only earn so much money and still get benefits. While these stringent guidelines are meant to prevent fraud, there is a Social Security program that offers those who wish to “try out” a return to work. Read on to learn more about the Trial Work Period (TWP)

Prep Work: What To Do Before You File For Chapter 7

In the case of a bankruptcy filing, taking some important actions before you file can result in a far better bankruptcy experience. Deciding to file is a difficult endeavor, and you want to ensure that you get the greatest benefit from filing as possible. Your financial fresh start hinges on doing the following prep work, so read on to get started. Make sure you get state resident benefits: In most cases, your family home constitutes the largest part of your net worth, not to mention the enormous emotional attachment that comes with being a homeowner.

What Will Happen to the Children if a Custodial Parent Dies?

If you’re the custodial parent to your child, you may have a number of questions revolving around the care of your child should you die while they’re still a minor. While each and every custody case is different, below is a general overview of how the death of a custodial parent is handled and what you can do to ensure your child’s well being during such a difficult time. Who gets automatic custody?

Have An Illness That Is Devastating You Financially? Know How You Can Deal With The Debt

If you are suffering from an illness that is making it difficult to work, it can cause you to have added stress when you are struggling to pay the bills. There are ways that you can deal with the situation that you may not be aware of. Get Social Security Disability Income If you have been employed and earned the proper amount of credits towards social security, you may become eligible to receive SSDI.

Legally, Should Your Neighbors Have A Fence Around Their Pool?

According to the United States Product Safety Commission, in 2013, there were approximately 202 swimming pool drownings in children ages 1–14. Statistics also show that roughly 5,000 children who fall between the ages of 1 and 14 are hospitalized because of swimming pool related drowning injuries every year. While you may have decided not to have a swimming pool in your backyard for your children because of these scary statistics, this doesn’t mean your neighbor doesn’t have one.

For Complete Estate Planning, Leave Your Passwords With Someone

If you have just started to plan your estate and work up a will or living trust, don’t forget to address one crucial aspect that could make your beneficiaries’ lives a lot easier: your online life. So much of life today is lived online, through online bills, social media, and more. Without access to your online life, your real-life heirs will have a harder time settling your affairs. Ease of Access

How To Divide Marital Debt In A Divorce When It Is In One Spouse's Name

One of the issues that must be agreed upon in a divorce is how you and your spouse will divide assets and debts. This is a simple task when there are no assets or debts; however, this is not usually the way it works. If your situation is complicated because you have no assets and all the debts you have are in your name alone, you will need to make sure these debts are evenly divided and that you are protected with the way the division is handled.

Six Factors That Influence How Much Alimony An Ex-Spouse Must Pay

Alimony can sometimes pose great financial hardships for an ex-spouse whose income level is significantly lower after divorcing than it was during the marriage.  Understanding which factors a divorce court will look at in determining alimony amounts can help an ex-spouse to alleviate the financial burden of alimony payments. If you understand what factors the court will be looking at, you can develop a strategy for defending yourself against alimony rulings that are unaffordable for you.

Three Simple But Valuable Pieces Of Advice For Dealing With IRA During Estate Planning

An individual retirement account (IRA) provides unique challenges during estate planning. If you don’t plan for it well, it can go to your estate and end up in the hands of the wrong beneficiaries. Here are three simple pieces of advice to help you get your IRA to the right people: Name a Beneficiary The easiest way to ensure the right persons gets your IRA account is to name them as the beneficiary.

2 Mistakes To Avoid In A Divorce

Since 50% of all marriages will end in divorce, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for a divorce. Although you would hope that you would never go through a divorce, it is simply realistic to plan on your marriage going through at least a rough patch at some point. There are some things that you should never do if you are divorcing. Here are some things to avoid in your marriage.

Protecting Your Estate So Future Generations Receive What You Intended

If you have a large estate in your possession, taking the time to plan how you will distribute it to family when you pass away is extremely important. If you fail to take steps in filling out documentation about your wishes, there is a chance the property and assets will not be given to those you wish after your death. Rather than risk having your descendants go through the hassle of trying to fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs, taking the time to thwart any question about your intentions is best.

3 Bankruptcy Mistakes You Should Avoid

It may be upsetting to file for bankruptcy, but it could be the ideal solution that will get your personal finances back on the right track. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that you can make during the process that could cause big problems with your bankruptcy case. You must avoid doing these 3 things when you want everything to go smoothly. Transferring Assets To Someone Else’s Name A common mistake that people will make is transferring assets to friends or family members before they start the bankruptcy process.

Dealing With A Workers' Comp Claim Denial

While you are very likely covered by workers’ comp insurance if you have been injured on the job, the approval for you claim can often go awry for various reasons. Since these benefits are very valuable, namely medical expense coverage and a portion of your lost wages, you can take steps to help ensure that you avoid a denial in the first place. Read on to learn more these denial reasons and the actions to rectify those denials that could push your claim approval through as soon as possible.

3 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, contacting a lawyer may be the furthest thing from your mind. But there are several significant advantages to having an experienced attorney on your side after an accident. Keep reading to discover just three of them below. Working for Contingency Fees One of the things that prevent many people from contacting a lawyer after an accident is the belief that they will have to begin paying massive fees up front.

What To Expect From A Family Law Attorney During An Adoption

If you are the legal guardian of a child and want to move forward with an adoption, the best thing you can do is get legal advice. A family law attorney is an attorney who handles all legal matters involving family legal issues, including adoption. Here’s what you can expect from your attorney during the adoption process. Determine Adoption Eligibility During your initial consultation, your attorney will be able to help you determine if you are legally able to adopt.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: Who Is Responsible?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a frustratingly common problem. A recent survey found that 1 in 3 women from the ages of 18 to 34 has experienced some form of sexual harassment at work. The same survey indicates that it is also vastly unreported, with more than 70% of women opting to remain silent. That may be, in part, because victims don’t know who to blame or how to assert their rights.

Strategies For Showing The Degree Of Emotional Injury In Court

When you fracture a limb, your doctor can take an x-ray and determine its severity. You can use the x-ray pictures in court to prove the seriousness of your physical injuries. What if you want to show the severity of your emotional injury and anxiety? Here are ways to show the degree of your emotional injuries in court: Duration The duration of your emotional pain is a good indicator of its severity.

Faqs About Handling A Workers' Comp Denial

After you file a claim for workers’ comp, it is closely evaluated by your employer and its insurance company. There is a possibility that the insurance company could choose to reject your claim. If so, you have legal options for handling the situation. If you recently received a rejection for your claim, here is what you need to know.  Why Was Your Claim Denied? The insurance company is required to state on the denial letter exactly why your claim was rejected.