Getting A Living Will: Why Is It Something You Need To Have?

Do you have a living will? If you have not created one, it is the time to think about making important decisions and having them added to your living will. Life is something that you may appreciate very much, but it is not guaranteed. If something bad happened and you were at the end of your life in the hospital, your family might not know what to do. They would have some major decisions to make, many of which would likely be hard on them. Instead of expecting your loved ones to make those decisions for you when you are at your worst, you can have a living will that would let the medical professionals know exactly what you want them to do.

Would You Want Feeding Tubes?

If you were in a major accident that you left unable to eat on your own, would you want to be hooked up to feeding tubes that would keep you alive? It is something you need to think about because it can happen. There are moments when people get into serious car accidents and are left unable to do anything for themselves. A feeding tube could keep you alive. There is always that possibility that you would eventually get better and get taken off the feeding tubes. However, some people do not like the idea of depending on the feeding tubes to survive. It is your call to make. If you are ever in that position, your loved ones would know what you want based on your living will.

Would You Want to Be Resuscitated?

Aside from the use of feeding tubes, you need to decide if you would want to be resuscitated if your heart stops beating and you are no longer breathing. Various measures may be taken in an attempt to resuscitate you, including chest compression that is performed at a steady pace. Some people do not want to be resuscitated and feel that it is their time to go when they stop breathing and their heart is not beating the way that it should. However, there are other people who want to be resuscitated because they want to fight for a chance to live. If you want the medical professionals to do anything that they can to save you, you should mention your take on resuscitation in your living will.

No matter how old you are, you should have a living will. By having this type of will, you are making your loved ones aware of the kind of treatment you would like to receive if you are ever in a serious situation where you are unable to eat or even breathe on your own. You are making those important medical decisions for yourself instead of depending on your loved ones to make them for you. Contact a law firm, such as Wright Law Offices, PLLC, for more assistance.