3 Negligent Driving Behaviors That May Contribute To Pedestrian Accidents

Some individuals may think that they are not at risk of getting injured in a pedestrian accident. This false sense of hope may stem from them not being active outdoors. Pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere vehicles are present. This means that a simple trip to a grocery store, convenience store, or shopping mall could end in an unexpected manner. The injuries sustained may be minor, serious, or fatal.  

Injured pedestrians may be entitled to compensation under personal injury laws. This would be a good case to pursue if the accident was caused by a driver's neglect. The following points highlight a few negligent driving behaviors that contribute to pedestrian accidents. 

Distracted Driving 

A driver may get distracted by a number of things. Common negligent behaviors associated with distracted driving are the use of cellphones or playing loud music. A driver may also be considered negligent if they get distracted by a passenger in their vehicle. It might involve an argument or disagreement. Sometimes a pleasurable conversation may cause an individual to lose their focus and make driving errors that injure a pedestrian. 

Impaired Driving

Drinking alcohol or using drugs while driving is prohibited. These mind-altering substances negatively impact proper judgment and motor skills. This can lead to drivers who are under the influence exhibiting behaviors such as speeding and not following traffic laws. Some drivers may be significantly impaired to the point of not being able to clearly see a pedestrian(s) in a walkway or on a sidewalk. Some impaired drivers may set their rearview mirrors in awkward positions and back into unsuspecting pedestrians. This type of negligence will likely result in criminal charges. Injury victims may seek justice and compensation from civil court proceedings or an agreeable settlement.

Reckless Driving 

This is a charge that officers may assign to drivers who exhibit a set of negligent driving behaviors that contribute to accidents. The charge usually accompanies one or more other tickets such as speeding, driving too fast for conditions, DUI, or failure to obey traffic signals. A personal injury attorney can use this type of charge to build a strong case against at-fault drivers who are found guilty or accept plea deals for their criminal charges.

Personal injury attorneys are a good resource for victims to use. The negligent party's insurance company will likely try to make contact with injured victims, deceased victims, or their families. These attempts may be used to devalue claims or rush for a settlement. The initial settlement offer may not cover all of the damages that victims or their experience. Attorneys can speak on behalf of their clients, negotiate settlements, and assess the value of cases based on known damages as well as future costs. 

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