Was Your Accident Caused By A Drowsy Driver? What To Know

Accidents can be caused by all sorts of things. In many cases, the driver was simply careless and not paying attention. However, drivers are also too sleepy to drive safely at times. If you have been in a wreck and injured because of a drowsy driver, read on for some direction.

Sober Drunk Driving 

Sleepy drivers can be as dangerous as those under the influence of alcohol. They may not be paying attention, have slowed reaction times to traffic conditions, and even drift off to sleep for seconds or minutes at a time. When a drowsy driver causes an accident, it can fall into the same category as being hit by a drunk driver. Both drivers took actions that endangered others on the road. These drivers are not simply careless or distracted, they may also be negligent.

Sleepy drivers often know they are too sleepy to drive but do it anyway. They may not realize that they are as tired as they are in some cases. However, many drivers, such as commercial truck drivers, have deadlines to meet and must drive even when their body tells them to rest. Sleepy drivers are often driving on high-speed roadways. Speed always enhances accident injuries considerably. That means victims hit by a sleepy driver may end up with more than the usual number of serious injuries.

What Might Happen

In some states, drivers can be ticketed and charged if they are found to be sleepy after an accident. However, many drivers simply admit to being too sleepy to drive to law enforcement. When the other driver causes the accident, victims are entitled to certain monetary damages. However, if the driver is also found to have taken negligent actions, the monetary damages can rise to great heights because of the potential for punitive damages.

In addition to being paid for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and personal property, victims could be awarded many thousands of dollars if punitive damages are applied. The judge and jury can consider punitive damages when the accident was caused by negligent actions. This type of damage sends a message to others about the dangers of driving while drowsy and makes an example of the driver.

Seek Legal Help

It's vital to prove that the driver was driving while sleepy if they don't readily admit it. In some cases, other drivers may have observed the driver that hit you dowsing off and driving erratically. Your lawyer will gather evidence to show that you are owed money damages for your losses. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out more.