Drug Recognition Experts Often Make Mistakes During OVI Arrests

When a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, the officer will usually use a breathalyzer test, blood test, or urine test to prove that the driver was intoxicated before charging them with an OVI. However, if you are accused of driving while under the influence of a different type of drug, the officer might have a difficult time identifying any drugs you might be under the influence of, or might struggle to prove that you are under the influence of any substances at all. Under these circumstances, they might call upon a drug recognition expert.

How an Officer Becomes a Drug Recognition Expert

Police officers can be considered drug recognition experts if they have undergone a training program meant to teach them how to identify warning signs of drug use. They learn about different categories of drugs, warning signs that an individual is under the influence of a particular drug, and the effects of combining different types of drugs.

For example, a specific type of drug might not be dangerous if consumed by itself but can cause a driver to become very dangerous on the road if the drug is combined with another drug.

Why You Need a DUI Defense Attorney

If you are being charged with an OVI, it's essential to contact an OVI defense attorney as soon as possible. An OVI charge can come with serious penalties. Not only might you go to prison and be forced to pay expensive fines, but you may also be forced to take driving courses, may lose your license, or might be forced to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car.

Your Attorney Might Challenge the Expertise of the Arresting Officer

There are several methods that an OVI defense attorney might use to prove that you were not under the influence of substances while you were driving. For example, they might call into question the assessment made by the officer.

The training that a police officer receives to be considered a drug recognition expert is not very long. The OVI attorney will scrutinize the training that the officer received and will also scrutinize the methods that the officer used to determine whether you were under the influence to justify the arrest.

In criminal cases, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime. Therefore, you might be able to win your case and be acquitted of all charges. Research about OVI law for more information.