Common Problems With Workers' Comp Claims And How To Avoid Them

You're Hurt. Now What?

Were you recently injured on the job and you don't know what to do next? There are many complex details to work out when it comes to on-the-job injuries. Employers will often do everything they can to not be held liable for what happened to you. Check out this list of common issues with workers' compensation claims and how getting a worker compensation attorney can help you avoid them.

They Say It Is Your Fault

Not every injury in the workplace will qualify for workers' compensation. In fact, there are many rules for what does and does not qualify. Your employer may try to use these rules to deny your workers' compensation claims. For example, injuries that happened while violating company policy may not qualify. By speaking with your lawyer first, you can make sure that your statement to your employer does not accidentally contain anything incriminating that could disqualify you from being awarded monetary compensation for your injury. Even if you really weren't at fault, your employer may use the slightest mistake in your statement to deny your claim. 

You Had A Prior Injury Or Illness

According to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, a pre-existing condition is any medical condition that you had before you were injured at work. If you already had a bad hip before your slip and fall accident at work, your employer may try to deny your claim due to the nature of your condition before the incident. Your attorney will carefully review your medical history and fight to ensure that your prior condition does not prevent you from being awarded the benefits you deserve. 

You Can No Longer Perform Your Job

Sometimes an injury at work is so severe that you will no longer be able to effectively perform the duties of your job. For example, some warehouse workers hurt their backs so badly from carrying heavy items that they are no longer able to safely carry these items. Even if your job requires you to be able to perform these functions, hiring a workers' compensation attorney can help you continue your employment. You have rights after being injured on the job and your attorney will make sure that those rights are upheld. 

You Don't Have To Do This Alone 

Hiring a workers' compensation attorney can alleviate the stress that comes along with a workers' compensation claim and allow you to focus on resting and recovering from your injury. To ensure that you don't get taken advantage of during your time of need, your workers' compensation lawyer will fight to make sure you receive every benefit that you deserve after your injury.  

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