Immigration For A Foreign Partner

Falling in love is something that can happen when least expected, such as while you are visiting a different country for work or vacation. A big struggle that many people face after entering into such relationships is keeping things going in a smooth manner over a long distance. However, there have been many successful long-distance relationships with people who live in different countries. Another struggle of long-distance relationships that are with foreigners is trying to live together in the U.S. before or after marriage. The following content contains questions you should ask yourself when intending to relocate a foreign partner to the U.S.

Did You Marry Your Partner?

Did you marry your partner already but the two of you still resides in separate countries? How soon did the marriage take place after entering into the relationship? Each aspect of your marriage will be important when filing for a visa for your spouse to relocate to the U.S. Whether you are engaged or already married, it is wise to hire an immigration attorney to assist with the visa process.

Which Country Does Your Partner Live In?

Although you should be able to legally move your spouse or spouse-to-be to the U.S. no matter which country he or she resides in, it can be more difficult for certain countries. The reason why is because certain countries have a high rate of foreigners scamming Americans into bogus relationships in an attempt to obtain an immigrant visa. Speaking to an attorney is a great way to learn if you are possibly in a bogus relationship. He or she can also make the visa process go smoother if your relationship is actually legit.

Does Your Partner Have Children?

Does your partner have children who will need to immigrate to the U.S.? What has your relationship been like with the children? For instance, have you spend a lot of time with them in person or speaking over a long distance? Your relationship with the children is just as important as it is with the spouse when intending to relocate them all to the U.S. An attorney can help you gather the right evidence to prove that you have a solid relationship with the children.

What Is Your Job & Income Status?

No matter how real your relationship is with your foreign partner, you must meet certain guidelines to relocate him or her to the U.S. For instance, do you have a steady job you can financially support your partner until he or she is able to obtain work in the U.S.? If so, how much income do you bring in each month? You must be above the poverty level in your state for your income to be acceptable.

Get in touch with an immigration or family law firm for more information.