Workers Compensation Tips When You're Getting Lowballed

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that was put in place to ensure that workers injured while on duty could get the medical treatment they need along with wage replacement without having to go through long litigation processes. However, employers also benefit since this scheme means they don't have to make very large payouts to individual employees even if the injury or illness is the employer's fault.

Although this is supposed to be a win-win situation, many workers still find themselves getting the short end of the stick. When you're getting lowballed, there is plenty that you can do to tilt the scales.

Know What Kind of Benefits You're Entitled To

One of the reasons why it's easy for insurance companies to lowball workers seeking compensation is that many workers are not well informed on what benefits they're entitled to. Depending on what type of injuries you suffered, you might be entitled to any of the following benefits:

  • Permanent disability benefits

  • Medical treatment

  • Temporary disability benefits

  • Mileage

  • Vocation rehabilitation

Don't expect the adjuster to explain all this to you. Follow up with your workers' compensation agency in your state.

Change Your Doctors

Some doctors are very conservative in their diagnoses and treatment plans, while others are more generous in the amount of follow-up care they estimate. Some doctors may miss symptoms or complications that other doctors may find right away. Sometimes, it pays to get a second doctor's opinion when your worker's compensation claim isn't amounting to a lot. 

If you live in a state that lets you choose your own doctor, you should definitely consider picking a doctor that is willing to do a comprehensive re-evaluation to make sure any diagnoses aren't being left out. You can also change doctors if you believe you're not getting the best care available. However, there are rules to follow when changing doctors, and these vary between states.

Be Prepared for Medical Examinations and Surveillance

Insurance can arrange to have your injuries examined by another doctor and you should be ready for this. If an insurance company is looking for a reason to lowball you, they'll be looking for any evidence that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. For the same reason, you should know that a private investigator may be following you.

Hire a Lawyer

Things can get very complicated once you've been lowballed. Having a workers compensation lawyer will help you to be better prepared to take on the insurance company. Speak with a lawyer or go to this website for more information.