Hidden Signs Of Sexual Harassment At Work

Many people know that sexual harassment is not permitted in the workplace, but they also do not really know how far sexual harassment can reach. Harassment is not only blatant comments of a sexual nature or even making advances that aren't warranted. Most sexual harassment is more subtle, and some people who are being poorly treated may not realize that they have claims to compensation as a result.

Here are some hidden signs of sexual harassment in the workplace that you should be aware of. 

1. A provactive dress code.

A common form of harassment in the workplace is requiring employees to dress a certain way in order to emphasize their appeal. For example, an office might require female employees to wear short skirts and to always keep their hair long. Workplaces can require a dress code, but the code must be applicable to all people. If someone is not required to dress a certain way because they never meet with clients but you are because you do meet with clients, this could be a sign of sexual harassment, especially if you are not comfortable with the clothing required. 

2. Laying off people because of appearance.

Some jobs, such as modeling, are based on appearance, but most work does not require you to look a certain way, to weigh a certain amount, or even to be a certain height. If you are able to perform your job perfectly but are let go or put on reduced hours because of how you look, this could be sexual harassment. Women and men should not be fired or demoted because they gain weight, cut their hair, get pregnant, or lose any sort of physical appeal. 

3. Relegating certain jobs to only one gender. 

This is a common issue in many workplaces. You should be expected to fill your role as described by the hiring manager, but you should also not be expected to do certain work just because you are a certain gender. For example, if you are the only woman on a male sales team, you should not be given all the secretarial work or made to fetch coffee for other members of the team, especially if you have equal job descriptions. Similarly, a man might not be expected to do all manual labor in a job that requires the same work from men and women both. 

If you think you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work, contact a local sexual harassment attorney.