How To Maximize Your Car's Value In An Auto Accident Claim

If your car has been damaged in a crash, don't expect the insurance company responsible for the claim to value your car like you do. It can often be on you to prove that your car was at least as valuable as you say it was just before the crash. Here are a few tips you can use to convince the insurance company of this fact:

Independent Appraiser

It is often possible to hire a professional car appraiser to help you. Don't forget that you will have to pay the appraiser's fee out of your own pocket. The appraiser will consider different things and factors such as the going rate of a similar car in the open market, how popular the car is with car buyers, and the upgrades and customizations you might have added to the car. Don't forget that the insurance company isn't likely to give you the exact appraisal amount quoted by the appraiser. Insurance companies like to argue that such appraisers aren't exactly independent because they are paid by their clients. However, an appraisal amount can help you negotiate with the insurance company and get them to increase their offer.

Online Resources

There are reliable online resources you can use to know how much your car was worth just before the crash. Moreover, most of these resources are available for free. Examples include the Kelley Blue Book,, and, among others resources. The valuation process takes into account different aspects of your car such as its make and model, trim levels and all the specifications it had.

For best results, choose a resource that allows you to customize the valuation to match your car as close as possible. You should also use a resource that takes into account all the factors that determine the value of a car, such as your geographical region and who is buying the car. Another trick is to hunt for comparable cars on these sites and look at their prices. Don't forget to put in your ZIP code because, as has already been hinted, car prices vary by region.

Car Accident Lawyer

Lastly, you can also hire a car accident lawyer or insurance dispute attorney to help you negotiate for a good compensation package. In fact, if the crash also caused you injuries, the car accident lawyer handling your injury case will handle the car damage compensation negotiations as part of their service package.