Three Crazy Ways To Delay Your Divorce

Do you want to delay your divorce? Maybe you crave an expensive divorce (which is that you will get when the process is delayed) or just want to exhaust your marital resources. Well, if that is what you want, here are three tips on how to get it:

File a Fault Divorce

People don't like to be accused of any wrongdoing, and they will usually resist such accusations. Therefore, if you want to delay your divorce, file a fault divorce, which is just another way of saying that your spouse did something so awful that you don't want to live with them anymore. You can say they cheated on you, have been abusing you or are so addicted to drugs that you can't find a way to stay married to them. Your partner will probably defend themselves from the accusations, and your divorce will take longer than it would have if you had opted for a no-fault divorce.

Don't Cooperate With Your Partner

Another thing you can try is to be as uncooperative as possible during the negotiations. If your partner wants to keep the house, say that you also want to keep it too. If they want to spend the weekend with the kids, then that should also be the time you want to spend with the kid. Claim they are hiding assets or are not reporting all of their earnings. In short, don't agree with them or with their lawyer and the negotiations are likely to continue for a long time. In fact, you are likely to end up with a contested divorce that the judge has to settle in court, and that takes time.

Change Lawyers Frequently

Lastly, you can also delay your divorce process by changing your lawyers all the time. You can claim difficulties in communication or claim that the lawyer isn't representing you as well as you need. Get another divorce attorney, work with them for a short time and terminate their contract with you too. Every time you change a lawyer your case delays because your new lawyer has to get acquainted with your case first before they can proceed with it.

Of course, you may not have your way if your partner suspects you are engaging in delaying tactics. They may even report you to the court, and the judge may penalize you or take the matter into their own hands and adjudicate the issues. Seriously, though, don't do any of those things if you want a clean and speedy divorce with minimal expenses.