Three Important Factors To Consider When You're Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

After an injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer, such as Steven A. Crifase Ltd, as soon as you're able is an important first step toward having your rights and interests legally protected. Although it's useful to hire a lawyer in a timely manner, you shouldn't necessarily rush the process and sign any paperwork from the first lawyer you speak to. It's better to talk to a few lawyers, ask some questions and, in general, get a feeling as to how this legal professional will proceed on your behalf. While you'll likely have a long list of questions in your head, here are three important areas that you must address during the process.

Track Record With Similar Cases

An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to explain the approximate number of time he or she has represented a client in a similar situation as you, as well as discuss the general success of these cases. This discussion will give you insight into not only the lawyer's track record, but also initiate a discussion about the merit of your case. Ask the lawyer outright if he or she typically has success with cases of your nature. Ideally, you want to hire someone who has extensive experience trying cases similar to yours, with favorable results.

Case Length

Each lawyer should be able to give you a rough estimate on the length of time it will take to not only prepare your case, but to also present it in court. While there's no "right answer" that you want to hear, it's important to have an understanding of this information up front. Based on experience, the lawyer could indicate, for example, that it will take a couple weeks to prepare your case and that it will likely only need a day in court. Whatever the answer, share any questions or concerns. For example, if you're not keen on a long, drawn-out court process, ask the lawyer about the likelihood of settling early on.

Keeping In Touch

Each personal injury lawyer has his or her own style. Some prefer to work closely with their legal teams and only update you as needed, while others will provide consistent updates in the time leading up to the court date. It's useful to hire a lawyer whose style suits you. If you're the type of person who'd be anxious without hearing regular updates, you'll feel better about hiring someone who can meet this need.