Common Questions about What to Expect during Criminal Proceedings

For those that are charged with a crime, the criminal proceedings can seem bewilderingly complicated. Without the guidance of these legal professionals, it would be exceedingly difficult if not impossible for you to successfully defend yourself. Considering the grave consequences that can accompany guilty convictions, it should be no surprise that you may need a couple of questions answered about how your attorney will help you through this process. 

What Is the Goal of the Admit-and-Explain Strategy?

Many people assume that their criminal defense attorney will insist on their innocence throughout the proceedings. While this may seem like a sound strategy, it may not be because it is important for your defense to match the available evidence. When there is substantial evidence that you did commit the crime but you have a viable explanation, this may be the best defense that you can employ. 

In these instances, you are relying on the court to agree that your actions do not deserve major penalties due to the extenuating circumstances. While this may seem like a counterproductive strategy, it can be a highly effective strategy depending on your particular circumstances. 

How Do You Prepare for Questioning?

One of the most important things that your attorney can help you do is ensure that you are prepared to answer possible questions in a way that does not harm your case. There will be numerous rounds of questioning that you must go through, and during these proceedings, the prosecutor will be attempting to get you to confess or weaken your case. 

By having your attorney present, you can ensure that you understand the intent and meaning of each question to ensure that you are not answering incorrectly or providing more information than is required. To help you prepare for this, your attorney will repeatedly go over the details of the case with you in extreme detail to ensure that you are prepared for any possible question that you may face. Without this type of help, it would be remarkably easy for you to mistakenly give the opposing side enough information to severely harm your case. 

Going through a criminal trial can be an excruciating process because of the severe ramifications that can arise. Fortunately, if you enhance your understanding about these proceedings, you may be able to reduce much of this stress. Knowing the goal of the admit-and-explain strategy as well as understanding how to prepare for questions will help you to understand what is happening and protect your rights. For more information, talk to a professional like Robert S Fisher P.C.